Facebook and Instagram

Leverate is one of the leading Facebook Paid Advertising agencies in Germany and beyond – especially our innovative optimization approach to sales or ROI driven campaigns is very popular. Our team consists of more than 50 Facebook specialists and, in addition to permanent performance optimization… more

Mobile Advertising

Of course, social media channels (like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat), search engines or for example YouTube are highly relevant in mobile advertising, but in addition to the high traffic resources of these platforms, Leverate has a wide range of partners and publishers who are open for performance … more

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to be the most efficient and fundamental channel in the mix and can be seen as the foundation to a successful campaign. Many industries are exposed to immense competition in “keywords” (eg. insurance, banks, travel), but the high lead quality from search … more

Out of Home (OOH)

The out-of-home (OOH) channel continues to grow in traction and consistently evolve in it’s offerings. Whilst the standard billboards and six sheets are still valuable assets, we can now add into the mix Canopy displays, bus wraps, digital screens, grab boxes. Today’s OOH possibilities are endless which makes it … more

Display & Programmatic Advertising

Classic banner advertising today can have a tough time. Ad Blockers are gaining more and more traction and banner blindness is increasing. DoubleClick allows us to access highly specific and targeted environments and to spread the advertising message with a strong branding effect. We also use … more


Depending on budget and campaign objectives, TV can be a useful channel to drive reach and frequency. Whilst TV advertising is known for connecting brands to the masses and extremely useful for building your brand awareness, targeting techniques can be achieved through day part, day of week … more

Video Advertising / YouTube

In addition to Facebook or Instagram, YouTube is a valuable platform to host video content. Unlike the two major social media networks, YouTube does not place video content in a news feed (like a post), but in front of the actual video that the user wants to watch. The quality of a video view can be measured … more

Print Advertising

Traditional media such as print can still play an important role in the media mix due to its reach and a heightened level of trust still associated with print ads.
The team at Leverate will help advise on the best approach for print, weather it be utilising print ads, advertorial … more

WeChat & QZone

WeChat is now the dominant mobile messaging service in China with over 900 million active users. WeChat is constantly evolving and now nearly every form of transaction (via WeChat Wallet) and service is encapsulated within the WeChat platform. Because WeChat has been quick to become a one … more

Cinema Advertising

Sometimes forgotten in the increasing number of media outlets, cinema advertising ranks as one of the most powerful and engaging ways to reach an audience.
A commercial in the movies is up to 8 times as effective at creating a lasting impression with the audience … more