Instagram Paid Advertising

Instagram is part of the Facebook network and a leading channel within the social media scene, which continues to see significant growth year on year. Whilst Instagram has a smaller audience to Facebook it is still sizable and may be the optimal channel to reach your customers depending on your targeting and objectives.

Instagram targeting capabilities are identical to Facebook, however as Instagram is based around visuals, it is seen as a non intrusive form of advertising, which in turn increases levels of engagement.

As Instagram advertising constantly evolves, the teams at Leverate are on hand to educate our clients on the new trends and innovative techniques. Similarly to Facebook we work via test and learn approach to enable performance optimisation, comparing results against other channels and offering recommendations on budget allocation and weighting within the media mix.
We can also offer support of creation of advertising material on Instagram, making sure that your ads follow certain rules & criteria to improve their effectiveness from the start. Before taking over the account and starting the Paid Advertising, our team will create a detailed evaluation of the current Instagram/ Facebook activities and show exactly how and where additional performance can be gained.

Our Instagram clients include companies such as Burger King, Starbucks.