WeChat & QZone

WeChat is now the dominant mobile messaging service in China with over 900 million active users. WeChat is constantly evolving and now nearly every form of transaction (via WeChat Wallet) and service is encapsulated within the WeChat platform.

Because WeChat has been quick to become a one stop shop, it avoids the pitfalls of user drop off. With the full purchase journey being contained within WeChat, users are not required to visit external sites, making WeChat an excellent platform for advertising.

To compliment WeChat there is QZone – China’s most popular social app now with 1 billion registered users across 80 different countries.

The Leverate team is equipped to guide you through the rules and regulations around advertising on this platform, optimal account set up, personalized content curation and content marketing options, location based opportunities, targeting, QR codes, customer engagement and ultimately providing a strategy to drive success.